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Gift Ideas for Her

valentine's day gift ideas

St.Valentine’s Day is almost here but don’t let that be the only reason that you buy someone a gift or buy yourself something, celebrate every day! After all, we should be thankful for waking up every morning. Today I will share personal items that can make great gifts for someone in your life or for yourself.

We appreciate beauty, style, and relaxation so I will share a few items that fit those categories. For instance, I like to put away my jewelry especially my favorite Gold earrings in a lovely Jewelry case, such as the one that you see here.  It has several compartments making it a perfect storage solution for your precious accessories; it is just plain adorable.  Do you love beautiful gold earrings too? I know that I do! I love to look well put together, so I use different styles of earrings for different occasions and these lovelies are great for when I go out with friends or on a date night.  I like to pair them with a simple classy necklace throw on my clothes and head out. I just love the simplicity yet the beautiful design as I do with many other accessories.

Do you have days that you just wish that you were at a spa? Sometimes I crave relaxation. To lift up my mood, I use my favorite Young Living Starter Kit.  I cannot express how much I love my kit.  I use it to diffuse oils when I want to relax or get myself energized. I like to use the oils before and after a workout. I also make many more things with them and it saves me money from buying commercial products with harmful ingredients that can hurt our health. To protect my health and my family’s health I make my own house cleaner, linen sprays, perfumes, and much more with the simplest ingredients. 

Another comfortable and fun gift is this Hearts Pajamas. I love its simplicity and cute hearts. I will wear this all year round not just on St. Valentine's Day. To make it even cozier I will wrap myself in this warm sweet, plush throw especially during this time of year when it feels like I am in Alaska. Finally, I found this perfect Makeup Brush Set.  It comes with the case you see to make it easy for travel.  Just stick it in your suitcase or bag and you're good to go.  The best part is that it comes with so many brushes and there is no need to shop for other brushes because they are all included.  There you have my top six gift ideas for St. Valentine's Day. Are there any on my list that you like? Is there something else you had in mind?  I'd love to know, so please share it with me so I can check it out and perhaps post it here. I hope that you have a wonderful week! Thank you for stopping by.

*This blog post is in collaboration with Nakturnal! 

DIY: Shiplap Fireplace

We finally managed to place a shiplap feature over our fireplace. It only took eight years, but it finally made it up on the wall. We want to focus a bit on improving our home bit by bit, to make it our own. This is mostly cosmetic and not a necessity, but as I mentioned, we want it to reflect us. Currently, it does not. We were also going to replace the tiles, but the guy never showed up. What is that all about?  I don't even know.

So I researched some projects online and I have to say there weren't many on how to go about this small space. We went to Lowes and purchased shiplap boards, but not the kind that comes with the gaps. The only kind available at the time was the textured kind.  It was really rough and dark, so we used the backside of it instead.  I believe that the boards came in a pack of 6. We purchased a quart of white paint and the rest of the supplies we had at home.

Items used for this project:

6 Pre-cut boards
3 yards sticks
Border to build the frame
wood glue
small nails
2 screws
measuring tape

We measured the wall from the top of the mantel to the ceiling and the width. We also measured the width of the frame once it was put together and the width of the boards in order to determine how many boards were needed to complete the project if it needed to be cut, which it did.
The back of the boards was sanded to remove sticky residue from stickers. My husband cut some border pieces to form the frame.
He attached the boards on the back of the frame by placing the frame on a table and lined them up. We used three-yard sticks to keep the boards intact on the back so they won't curve and screwed them in.
The hardest part of the whole project was to determine the exact measurement needed to keep them the same width. We managed to make the width of each 5 inches and used six boards. The top and bottom board are actually a bit wider, but only 5 inches is exposed because the other half-inch is behind the frame to hold it in place.

Once everything was cut and placed on the frame, I then began to paint the shiplap and when the paint was dry it was time to attach it to the wall. I did have to make sure that the paint did not stick the boards to each other since I did not have the chance to paint them before screwing them to the frame. So if you are thinking of doing this project keep in mind to paint the boards separately first. We attached the shiplap with two screws in case we ever sell our house and new owners may not want that look, it will be easy to remove. 

The bottom photo was before we attached the yardsticks so you can see how the boards look, curbed.


I was pleased to finally have this done.  A huge thank you to the hubs for being patient and our friend for assisting with the frame.

Antique Farmhouse Home Decor Ideas

(Antique Farmhouse)
Hello friends, it's been a minute since I have posted.  Now that we are getting close to the holiday season and people are already decorating their homes, I thought I'd share some finds. I was browsing over at the Antique Farmhouse and they have so many wonderful pieces for the Holidays. I want to share it with you before they are all gone. They are so beautiful and yet subtle. Take for instance this beautiful wreath.

Celebrate the season by displaying this beautiful Iced Pinecone and Berry Wreath for all to see. I love how a variety of leaves are used in this artificial wreath to give it character, depth, and fullness.  The pinecones give it texture to draw the eye in and the white berries complete the look for color.  You may hang in on a door, over a mantel, or on a window. I love it! What do you think? 

How about these lovely Rustic Angels Statues?  These are precious!

You can pair them up with candles holders over a mantle, a shelf or a table. It has all the Christmas feels. Now if you love to bring color into your decor then how about these adorable Mango Wood Village House Collection. They are just darling, you can spread them around the house, over the mantel, on a table, just about anywhere to add a cheerful look.

The Night Before Christmas Blanket is a sweet way to cozy up with a hot cup of cocoa and enjoy a movie or how sweet of a gift it would be, don't ya think?  So if you are looking for gifts to give why not this particular one, it's perfect.

The last but not least favorite find is this lovely canvas, Christmas Truck with Wreath the vintage-style pickup detailed with a holiday wreath and the wintery scene featured lets the beauty of the season shine through in this gorgeous piece with hints of red it makes a wonderful addition to a home.
Now there are certainly more items that I loved, but you will have to visit Antique Farmhouse to check them out. They just have so many wonderful things. So drop by and give them a visit and see what catches your eye.  It's a perfect place to shop for those of you who love the farmhouse style.

I want to know if y'all are interested in a giveaway.  Well, are you? Let me know in the comments below. If I get at least 25 of you interested, then I will go ahead and host a giveaway.  Thank you for stopping by today and giving this little old blog some love. Hope that you have a wonderful week.  Please follow on Instagram as well!

Expert-led Creative Classes

You guys, I have a great opportunity for you to check out. FREE!

Have you guys checked out Bluprint yet?  No?  What are you waiting for, go now and explore Bluprint for FREE during their Get Started Event.

Ready to go from “I wish I could” to “look what I did!”? You have until the 12th of October, they’re unlocking thousands of expert-led creative classes, plus projects, recipes, patterns and more to help you do just that. Explore 20+ categories, from quilting and knitting to art and more, and dive into all sides of your creativity. Everything’s FREE during our Get Started Event, on now! 

Now is your chance to check out all their creative outlets and get your creative groove going.  Don't miss this opportunity friends.  

I know that I have visited and love what they offer, they have classes and amazing how to's.
Once you visit with them, come back here and let me know what you liked and if you signed up for anything.  Let me know what you wish to see as well that way I can share it with them.

Hope to see you there and let's get crafty together!  Cheers!

Set the Table with Faux Tin Place-mats

I have partnered with Country Sampler Farmhouse Style Magazine to bring you
some creative decorating ideas for your home.
Today we will show you how to enhance your dining table with the
delicate beauty of faux-vintage tin ceiling tiles, turned into placemats, as seen
in Farmhouse style -Autumn 2018.

But first, a little about Country Sampler's Farmhouse Style magazine, it is filled with 
step by step  DIY projects and creative decorating tips to create the farmhouse-style 
home of your dreams. Not only that, but each issue features tours into beautiful 
farmhouse-style homes, tips, and advice for simple homesteading such as raising 
backyard chickens or goats, features on innovative artists working with 
rustic materials, special articles for hosting backyard picnics, barn weddings and more!  
Farmhouse Style is available as a quarterly subscription
as well as being available in newsstands nationwide. 

Now let's get started with this fun project.  First, you will need some supplies.

  • 2'x4' vinyl ceiling panels
  • Off-white chalk finish paint
  • Paintbrush 
  • Sandpaper
  • Matte waterproof  spray sealer


1. Cut a 2'x4' vinyl galvanized finish ceiling tile panel into approximately 
12"x18" placemats. (This panel design yielded four placemats vertically along the short side.)

2. Dry brush over each placemat with off-white chalk finish paint, leaving small areas of 
the metal tones underneath exposed. Let it dry.

3. Lightly dab the corners and outer edges of the placemat with brown or rust chalk finish paint.
Then, lightly brush over the entire placemat, using minimal paint. Let it dry.

4. Lightly sand random areas to expose the metal tones underneath.  Finish with a matte waterproof spray sealer.

*Alternatively, small decorative backsplash panels that replicate vintage tin ceiling tiles would also work for this project. 

This is certainly a creative and amazing way to bring texture and a fall feel to your table.
It is a great conversation starter and a lovely farmhouse look. I think that one of my
favorite things about this placemat is the easy cleaning, just wipe and done.

Farmhouse Style is such a fabulous magazine that you will want to treat yourself to every
issue filled with hundreds of gorgeous color photos and great ideas.
Charter subscribers can sign up for a subscription at

I am looking forward to their many fabulous projects, are you?

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