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Cut in Half; How God Mended Me with 23 Miracles Review

Cut In Half: How God Mended Me with 23 Miracles
I enjoy a good read once in a while especially if it’s about a real experience, a life lesson and if it's a Christian based story.  I have received the book “Cut in Half”, by Ana Le Roux the perfect description of the above to review from Bring It On Communications.

Do you believe that miracles happen everyday?  This is a story of an average 30 something woman who after three weeks of giving birth to her second child is struck by tragedy -a violent head on collision.  The force of the impact thrust her forward with such intensity that it literally cut her in half!

Ana Le Roux would tell you that she was set to die that day, but instead, after seemingly endless dialogue with God, she relinquished her freedom of choice to Him.  Cut in Half tells how in that instant Ana opened her eyes and began to experience the most amazing gift of healing.

In her awe inspiring testament of God’s love, Ana proves that miracles are not just an archaic phenomenon found in scripture; they happen every day in a variety of ways.

About the author:
Image of Ana le Roux
Ana Le Roux is not your average housewife.  With a titanium plate embedded in her back and a limp to her walk, she takes every step of life with humility, gratitude and optimism.  Ana’s fate was sealed when in a tragic moment; she instinctively and selflessly sacrificed her life in an attempt to save the lives of her children that changed her life forever.

My personal Review:

What an incredible story of survival and surrender, allowing the miraculous power of God to work in her life and in her body!

Each chapter chronicles a portion of her journey and the miracles that took place.  Roux’s explains that at the end of each chapter there are sections and she indicates what each section entails, so that the reader can have a better understanding of her story.

The first part of every chapter is about retelling her story.  The second section is called “food for thought”, and it’s designed to help you reflect on the preceding story.  The third is the “Soul Searching” section.  She thought was necessary to include.  It reflects on your own life to see all the wonderful things that God has done for you.  Reading this book you will find quotes from scripture, mostly seen in the beginning of her chapters.

Once I opened the book I could not put I down, it was captivating and visual.  It was as if a friend was telling me what had happened to her and the details of her story kept leading me to the next moment.

I like how she shares that miracles are not limited to strangers or “special” people, but they are a reality in our lives everyday.  She also desires to dispel myths that we come to believe; Phrases, words or clichés that we use everyday that diminish God’s participation in everything we do, words such as luck, coincidence, destiny, being in the right place at the right time.

You take away from this story a sense of hope, gratefulness, and believing that miracles do happen everyday, big or small.

It is a touching story that will make you view life differently.  

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(Disclaimer) I received this book for review puposes.  All Opinions are 100% mine.

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