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How to Make a Hummingbird Feeder (Updated)

How to Make a Hummingbird Feeder
Look at what we captured by photo outside our kitchen window!  
I didn't have enough time to adjust the settings on the camera and started snapping 
photos immediately after spotting this little guy.  
We were so excited because we had just made this hummingbird feeder and this was 
just minutes after hanging it up.  Do you want to make one?  If so this is what you need.
 an empty bottle
 plastic cup
hot glue gun
 and a skewer.
We cut a plastic cup in order for the bird to be able to drink their sweet nectar.
Using the original cap, we poked five holes which allowed the nectar to flow down.
The bottle cap was hot glued to the plastic cup leaving some space between the cap and cup to 
allow the flow.  Only 4 to 5 small drops of glue was used to hold it in place.
The final step was hot gluing a skewer stick to the bottom of the cup which serves as a perch.
I  wasn't sure this feeder was going to work.  Sure enough within two hours 
of hanging it up, the hummingbirds started coming.  Now we get to see these little 
guys outside our kitchen window everyday, seriously, like every 5 minutes.  
We love it!
Do you have any hummingbirds in your area? 
 What type of birds do you see outside your window?

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