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My Stache and MOVEMBER (guest post)

Happy November everyone.  Today we have a special guest post by my husband Mr. M.
Please make him feel at home and enjoy!

My wife has been asking me for some time now to write about my moustache growing, in what she calls, a "phase".  Little does she know, well she'll know now, is that I have grown very fond of the growth under my nose.  The caterpillar that once was is now, and still becoming, a thing of beauty.  All the men at work, and even a few ladies, who make fun of it and/or me for having grown it, have secretly told me they love it and only wish they could grow one as grand as I have, and yes, that includes the ladies.
I started growing "The Stache" after seeing a Heineken Light commercial (great commercial by the way), whereby the guy is out of place in the "normal" world because of his moustache, but is at home when it came to the ol' bare knuckle fight scene of yore.
I immediately shaved the beard I was sprouting and left behind its counterpart. 

 The Wife asked: "What are you doing?"
Me:  "I'm gonna grow THAT!" (pointing to the guy in the commercial) 

source: YouTube

The Wife:  "No you're not!"
Me:  "Ooooh yes I AM!"

Two months later "The Stache" lives and she loves it.  She might not admit it, but I see the way she looks at it...and me. ;)
I visited YouTube and several other sites with regards on caring and grooming for "The Stache" and then by accident or fate, I stumbled on this site called  Movember is the month formerly known as November, and is a moustache growing charity event held during November each year that raises funds and awareness for men's health especially prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men.
  I immediately became a member, made a donation, having nothing to do about the moustache thing...ok, ok, a  little to do with the moustache thing, but also because as men, we have to pay more attention to our health and well-being; not let our pride and machismo get in the way of living longer, healthier lives.  Plus the bonus of growing a moustache.

My plan though is to continue growing it until it has fully blossomed to what?, I have no idea.  But when it does blossom, as it has done in my mind a thousand times, I will know.

All joking aside, please go to, see what it has done in the years past.  Let your love ones be aware that there is something out there for us, to not only be a part of as guys (which is waaaay fun and creates a stir, in a good way) but participate in something that can make a difference in everyone's lives.

So, to those whose want to and will, can't but tries, bad or good, make it happen.  Grow that THING, donate and become a Mo' Bro and ladies, you can partake as well.  Become a Mo' Sista!  Support your man, brother, father, uncle and/or friend.  My 'sweets' has and will continue to.  She has supported me in everything that I have done and has enjoyed this ride as well.  No pun intended. :)  Seriously, it just came out that way.  :)
I love her to death and I always will.

My father-in-law was diagnosed with prostate cancer but has been cleared for the time being.  Let's hope and pray it stays that way.

Let "The Stache" grow and flow.  Never look back.
God Bless and be safe!  

Mr. M

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