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Learning to be Unselfish


It's healthy for a married man or woman to pursue personal interests 
and engage in individual activities,
 hence me with my crafts/ blog/ shop; he with his mustache journey and other lively pursuits.
This provides an outlet, a sense of freedom and perhaps some exercise
--plus, it makes for a more interesting, well rounded spouse, 
which keeps the conversation at home lively!  
However, the level of your involvement in these pursuits
 must be weighed carefully against the effect it will have on ones marriage.

I must consider my partner's needs as well as my own. 
Time is a precious and limited resource that God has given to us as a couple.  
My husband has a large stake in any decision we make
 concerning how we will spend our hours, 
because every choice has important ramifications for us both.  
Not only can too much time apart erode the unity of a marriage,
it can deprive a spouse of legitimate needs such as time together, 
help around the house, or break from the kids.

I have been thinking about my spouse's interests before chasing mine, 
after all I was neglecting our time together.  
Now we sit down with each other and analyze the pros and cons 
of our commitments to any activity.  
Sure, a relationship may benefit if one regularly enjoys some time to oneself; 
we just have to remember to count the costs. 
And make sure our mate gets equal personal time!

Let each of you look out not only for his own interests, but also for the interests of others.
Philippians 2:4

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  1. ...selfless love toward my realization that dawned on me as i was reading your piece. thanks for sharing...God bless you!

  2. Amen -- so beautifully written! I always feel like my marriage works well because He is the cornerstone of it all.

  3. Fantastic Post.

    As a Blogger this is somewhat of an issue i've had to deal with recently. I am new at blogging and have to learn to let go sometimes.
    We generally get along great but I worry at times If I am being fair.

    Wonderfully spoken.
    Btw I am a new follower from the blog hop following you back from

    Take care

    Have a fab weekend :)

  4. How true D!
    Thank you for putting it so succinctly and beautifully.

  5. Nice post. I do think it's important to have some individual interests and time apart. I found that during the years when our kids were little, my husband and I rarely got any private time, but now that our kids are teenagers, we've been able to again.


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