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Homemade Iced Java Chip Coffee

Homemade Iced Java Chip Coffee

Hello there! I hope that you are enjoying your day, if not feast your eyes on this.
Are you a coffee lover?  Iced coffee lover?  
If so, I've got a recipe to share with you today.
I have created this marvelously decadent iced coffee for those 
who love the taste of chocolate in their iced coffee, I know that I do.

I was making my regular iced coffee today and a light-bulb went on,
why not add chocolate, and not just any chocolate, but chocolate morsels.
I know!

I brewed my coffee.
I like to use a strong blend like Bustelo.
You may use your choice of coffee, 
and follow coffee brewing directions on the container.
(Tip:) When brewing your coffee, use cold water.

After my coffee was done, I let it cool in the refrigerator, 
you don't want to work with hot coffee. 
 After it had cooled a bit, I poured about one cup in the blender.

I like my coffee sweet, so I added two tablespoons of sugar.

I poured in a half cup of cold milk and 2 tablespoons of Italian Creme (for extra flavor), yum! 
(Cream is optional)

Did I mention I like sweet?  Oh yes, here's the good part, I added two tablespoons of
sweet condensed milk, thanks to The Pioneer Woman for that inspiration.
Okay, okay, so I added a "quarter of the can", I told you I like it very sweet.

Next came 1/3 cup of dark chocolate morsels, oh my!

I don't like my iced coffee to get watered down by ice, 
so I froze coffee the night prior from the leftover coffee of the day.
I added the frozen coffee cubes instead of ice, 
and let me tell you, it makes a big difference.

Blend it all together...

Pour in a glass, add some whip cream if you like and even better, 
chocolate syrup for those big chocolate lovers and voila!

You may change the measurements of the ingredients in this recipe
according to your preferences, how much of the coffee flavor you like,
chocolate or sweetness.

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