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DIY: Patriotic Wreath

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Hey there friends, today I have a special DIY Patriotic Burlap Wreath Project! 
With a little effort and patience and some items from the Dollar Tree, you can put 
together this beautiful Patriotic Wreath to welcome your friends, family, and neighbors. 
Natural and colorful, this wreath will look great on your front door, over the mantel, 
or even as part of an Independence Day centerpiece.

Items That You Will Need:
I will start with the blue ribbon, my blue ribbon was more narrow than my other two ribbons, so it may look different.

Take your metal wreath ring and on the first inner row, loop in the ribbon as seen below.  Do this by one of the metal wire endings, these are the ones that divide each section.

You may secure it with the pipe cleaner by twisting it and then cutting any extra pipe cleaner.  You may also secure it with hot glue. This will form the first loop in the inner row of the wreath. Use your fingers to pull the amount you want, I made my loop about 2 inches out.

Then go to the second row above it and form another loop and then the third row and another loop. So it should look like the second and third image on the left below.

You will then push it gently aside causing it to scrunch like on the third image on the right.

Secure it by twisting the ribbon once or twice.   At this point, you may either cut the ribbon or secure it with a pipe cleaner. Then you will begin again from the first inner row and work your way up to the third row above again.  You will repeat this until you have two sections of the metal wreath covered with the blue ribbon.  You may decide to do half of the metal wreath if you like as I have seen on some wreaths. (I ran out of the blue ribbon so I did two sections of blue.)
Then when you are done with the blue ribbon, tuck it in on the back and secure with either a pipe cleaner or hot glue.

Now you will begin with the red ribbon and do the same thing.  Start from the inner row by forming a loop and secure it with hot glue or pipe cleaner. Continue to loop on the second and third row then secure it by twisting it with the pipe cleaner.  At this point, you may cut the ribbon to start with the next color. Begin the same way with the natural or white burlap ribbon.  Begin from the inner row and work your way up to the third outer row by forming the loops in each row. Then push the ribbon toward the other ribbons to scrunch it. Secure again with a pipe cleaner and cut, then begin again with the red ribbon.

You will repeat this looping and scrunching process until you run out of room.
When you have covered the metal wreath, cut your ribbon and tuck it into the 
back side of the metal wreath,  you may secure it with the pipe cleaner or hot glue.

When you are done, your wreath should look something like the one below.
At this point, you are ready to make any adjustments to your ribbons by
fluffing them or sliding them carefully to make sure the metal is completely
hidden by the ribbons.

Now take your glow in the dark stars or sticker stars and spread them out over your blue
ribbon to see how you want to lay them out.  Now that you know where you want them, 
hot glue them onto the wreath or if they are stickers just stick them on.  You have the option of painting your glow in the dark stars white if you like.

When your stars are glued on your wreath, you are done.
Now you have a beautiful wreath to show off for Memorial Day or even Independence Day.

I hope that you have enjoyed this craft project and that you have a
Happy Crafting!

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