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Turtle Rescue Mission

While I was away for a week, my husband and son conducted a rescue mission 
for their friend Mr. Turtle.  Talk about visitors in the spring!
This little guy, well not so little, was found wondering on front of our house.
My first question to them was, where did it come from?
Apparently there are two lakes in the surrounding neighborhood, so this turtle must've
lost his way and needed a little help finding his way back home.
I am aware that many turtles have home ranges, a territory they consider home,
and when relocated, they will search their way back.

Due to all the present dangers for this creature, help is what the snapping turtle got.
The safest way to get him back to his natural habitat was to drive him there.
Even though the lake was at walking distance,  we have to remember,
it was a "snapping turtle" and who wants to hold on to one for long.
So off they went.
Once they had arrived at a nearby lake, they released the turtle and off he went.
My son was so proud to be part of a rescue mission for this creature.

He is an animal lover.  If it were up to him, I think he would have kept this snapping turtle.
But dad explained to him how animals enjoy their freedom.
Have you ever had a strange visitor from the animal kingdom at your home?
Do tell!


  1. I have 4 of those turtles and LOVE them! So glad you got to hang out with a cute one for the day! So fun :) THanks for taking the time and taking care of him :)

  2. Wow, that is a beautiful turtle! Thankful you found him and got him safely back home.

  3. I grew up on a lake, so we had snapper turtles in the yard all the time. We far preferred finding the painters that were tiny and in the lake (and had a nicer disposition!) Wildlife? Deer, fox, possums, rabbits (wild ones), voles, moles, chipmunks, birds, turkeys, ducks, geese etc et etc. none of them wildly wild but as a kid it was exciting!
    Of course, I write a blog called Defeating The Squirrels (Http:// so we obviously had squirrels!

  4. We've never rescued turtles, but we always find dogs who have gone missing. We've rescued a 9 month old Boxer named Rayne. She was sweet. My husband got her running down a 4 lane freeway. Her owner was out of town and the person dog sitting her puppy didn't close the door properly. We've rescued a few other dogs, but a turtle rescue with children sounds like a fun adventure.

  5. We had a rescued turtle when I was a kid, but he was really sick (we think that's why he ended up in the middle of a big, busy road where we found him). We called him Speedy haha. Awesome rescue adventure! :)

  6. This is so cute, I have never been able to be a part of an animal rescue mission! Just wanted to let you know I featured you on Lovely Things Thursday!


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