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How to Make a String and Chain Bracelet

How to Make a String and Chain Bracelet
Hello everyone!  I have a little tutorial for you today.  I have wanted to make this 
bracelet for quite sometime, and finally got it done this weekend.  It's simple to 
make, all you need is a little patience and creativity.  These have probably been 
seen everywhere, but if you want to make your own, here is a list of what you 
will need for this project.

1) Scissors
2) Embroidery string 
3) Chain (options: old bracelet, old belt, any chain will do) 
4) Tape
5) Two jump rings and clasp
6) Jewelry tool
7) Bobby pin or large embroidery needle
To begin, take about 24 inches of two strings and fold to form a loop.
Tie the loop and tape it down to keep it sturdy, your strings are now about 12
inches long.

Begin braiding your string by crossing the inner strings first, 
then the outer strings as you see below.
When you have completed the braiding, form another loop at the end and 
tie a knot.  Cut remaining loose string out. 
Take your hardware; the chain, the jump ring and clasp. 

 Place the loop end of the friendship string in the 
jump ring as seen below in fig. 5.

Add to that ring, the clasp and the chain, then close the jump ring by
using the jewelry tool, hold and squeeze the ring gently until it's closed, 
do not squeeze too hard or the ring will lose it's round form.
Do not leave a gap otherwise your string will come out of the ring.
Take your bobby pin or embroidery needle and weave the string into
the loops of your chain, as seen in fig. 7 below.  

After you have weaved in the string, do the same thing you did on fig. 6,
Slide the loop string to the second jump ring and attach the jump ring 
with the yarn to the chain. You have completed your bracelet.
I hope that you enjoy making this, and have as much fun as I did.
Happy Crafting!

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