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Blue Birds and Garden Life
butterfly bush

It has been raining on and off the last couple of days, but I managed to get a few shots of the
garden and our yearly visitors.  The photos are not clear due to raindrops, but I still wanted to share
our beautiful little neighbors with you.  Every year in June our little blue bird guests fly over to 
lay blue eggs in their nests and they are almost ready to hatch.
Do you remember this post?  We managed to get photos that time of the little ones in their nests.

The Bluebirds have had challenges this year with other birds.  The other birds get territorial in
our backyard, so when they see unwanted guests, they try to keep them away.  But the
bluebirds work as a team and both female and male, protect their nest.

I also posted my gardenias which I left out from this post last year.  You can see how
many flower buds they grow and how the weight makes them droop.  These flowers
fill the back patio with a marvelous fragrance and are as potent as the Jasmines on the other
side of our yard.  
Last year they were all malign with spots, disease, and mites.  I've been using
remedies for plants to help them maintain healthy foliage this year.
The biggest challenges have been the gardenias and the hydrangeas. 

Another bush loved by butterflies is the Butterfly Bush or Milk Weed above.  It has a faint 
sweet scent and it attracts hummingbirds as well.  This is a hardy plant and grows back every year.
It is a low maintenance bush, something I love.
The clay urn you see here is the fountain I created last summer, you may view the tutorials here to create your own.  The birds enjoy it, especially on hot summer days.
How is your garden growing this year?

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