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How to Clean Grout on Floor Tiles

natural cleaning product for grout
Have I ever told you how much I dislike grout?  The reason I do not like grout is because it is very porous and a lot of dirt gets trapped in it.  After trying several different products, methods, and DIY recipes, I found that white distilled vinegar works wonders on "my floor".  It may not work for everyone, due to the type of grout that may be in place.  My grout had a light seal.

After trying one product for cleaning my iron, I should have known that one simple product would do the trick on my grout. All I used to clean the grout was a small old brush,  a rag, a small container to pour your vinegar in, and the white vinegar.

heinz vinegar
This is what I started with, dirt, dirt, and more dirt.  I grabbed an old toothbrush and a plastic cup to dip my brush and begun brushing the grout. The wonderful thing is, vinegar evaporates rather quickly, so there is no residue and no big mess.
how to clean grout
Look at that!!  Got to love natural products for cleaning.  Can you see the difference below with the cleaned section and the dirty section?  It's magic!  The only bad thing about this is that your grout will get dirty again over time and may have to do this again just like cleaning anything in your home.  I love that there is no chemical odor. Bleach gives me a headache and other products trigger my asthma, so this is my to go cleaning grout product.
vinegar to clean grouthow to clean groutclean floor grout
Have you tried this on your floor grout?  Do you have any natural home cleaning items that you use for your home?

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! I really want to clean the grout in our bathroom, especially around the toilet. Little boys don't have the best aim and no matter how I scrub it's never enough!


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