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DIY: Advent Wreath

How to make an advent wreath

Last month, I purchased a set of votive candles, made out of pure beeswax and I fell in love 
with them.  The candles have a sweet, natural fragrance of honey and they burn beautifully.  
I was inspired to use natural elements for our advent wreath this year, by incorporating natural evergreens and 100% beeswax candles.  It was difficult searching for the colors that I wanted in beeswax because I wanted to use the traditional purple and rose colors for my candles. 

I decided to make my first set of candles.  The colors of the candles were perfect, and their 
size was just what I needed for my advent wreath, but my son, who also loves to create, was fascinated by the process of candle making.  My method was messy and unsafe for him to 
melt wax, so through a wonderful blogger, I found a  Beeswax Advent Taper Candle Making Kit*
I purchased a kit and followed the instructions to make the candles.  My son had a blast with 
his dad making these lovely candles.  

There are several kits online, but the kit that we chose for this project was the Advent Candle Kit.  I won’t go into details on how they made the candles because the set includes instructions.  You may catch a glimpse of the process below on the images labeled (A-D).   

In the end, we chose to use the candles that my son made for the Advent Wreath, 
he was so proud of them and how could I say no?  What you see here are the candles 
made by son and his dad.  I guess mine shall be put away until next year.

In the past years, I have shared a couple of my Advent Wreaths on this blog.  I have had different varieties of advent wreaths, but today I will share my favorite thus far.  
The wreath itself still needs a little work,  but my son helped me make it.  
It doesn’t have to be perfect, to be beautiful. 

When the boys completed the beeswax candles, I selected three narrow floral foams that I had on hand.  It is preferable to use one whole piece, but that is what I had at the time.  I connected the foam with skewer sticks.  Then, I cut out the corners of the foam to round it out a bit.  I placed a Nativity  for decoration purposes on the center of the foam & measured equal distances where the candles were to be inserted.  I cut out the holes.  I placed the figure back into the center and inserted the candles in their place.

I poured water on the foam, to prepare it for the greenery that I was going to insert.  When the foam was evenly saturated with the water, we began inserting the pine leaves in the foam at an angle to form the wreath.  We covered every area, to make sure that the foam was not visible.  

We keep the foam saturated, by spraying water every other day to keep the leaves green.  We love how our wreath turned out.

Below you will find a list of the materials that I used for this project.  Thank you for stopping by and hope that you enjoy your season.  Do you have an advent wreath this year?

natural advent wreath


OASIS Floral Foam Cake & slice it in half
- figure or white candle for the center
- greenery such as pine or other leaves
- a platform
- a plastic plate
- water

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