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DIY: Beeswax Candles

Today I wanted to share my experience in candle making.  I made small pillar 
candles out of 100 % beeswax in a couple of different colors.  
Beeswax candles produce negative ions, which cleanse the 
air of dust, odors, toxins, and pollens.  
They are completely non-toxic, non-allergenic and noncarcinogenic. 
With its healthful negative ions and warm, halo glow, they act like indoor air 
purifiers & they burn beautifully.  

The supplies that I used were the following:

- Aluminum mold (2 x 3) or desired size
- beeswax (I used a 1 lb. block- yields 4 candles)
(NOTE: Beeswax For Candlemaking come in blocks
 and Beeswax Pellets, also available in White Beeswax )
- cloth pin or pencil to hold the wick in place
- plastic plate or wax paper to protect working surface
- Metal bowl or Candle Making Pitcher
- a base for the mold to stand on leaving space in the center
- Wooden Craft Sticks for stirring
- scissors
- tape
- skewer stick
- pot
- water
- cooking spray

A) The first thing I did was measure the amount of wick that I was going to use, 
this ensures that you have enough wick for both ends.  Use a little cooking spray to spray 
the inside of the mold in order for the candle to slide out easily. Do not saturate. 
The mold has a hole in the closed end where you will pull the wick through. 

B) Make a knot leaving enough wick for the top of the candle. This end will be 
the top of the candle.
C) Take a piece of soft wax to seal that end making sure there are no leaks, then 
tape it off for extra support.
D) On the other side of the mold, pull the wick making sure it is secured.  Hold the 
wick up using the cloth pin until it is ready to have the wax poured inside of the mold. 
How to make beeswax candles

E) If you are using wax pellets, place them in the melting dish; if using a wax block, 
break it into pieces.  Make sure you measure the amount that you want to use.  
I used about 8oz.  Fill your pot about an inch deep of water.  You do not need to 
use too much water.  Place the pot over the burner and heat, do not boil.
Now place the bowl or whatever you are using to melt the wax in, on or in the pot.  
Observe and keep the heat low to moderate, watching the wax as it melts.  
Do not overheat.
F)  As soon as your wax is melted, turn the heat off and drop the color into the 
wax using a few drops. ( At this point you may also drop a scented oil if desired) 
Use the popsicle stick to stir the wax.  Make sure you have 
something to protect your hands from getting burned to handle the bowl.  
G) Before pouring your wax, make sure that the mold is steady, I used a plastic bag 
closure pin to keep my mold steady since the bottom has a bump due to the sealant.
H) Pour the wax very carefully, it is HOT.

I) Now secure the wick so it is centered using the cloth pin.
J) Wait for the wax to cool, make sure you have a disposable plate or wax paper 
underneath for any leaks. 
K-L) Wait for the wax to solidify for about an hour or so.
M) After an hour or so, take a skewer and poke holes into the wax to get rid of 
any air bubbles.
N) Let it cool for a couple of hours. then top it off with more melted wax.
O-P)  Let it cool for several hours or leave it overnight.
When the wax is completely solidified and the outside is cool to the touch, remove 
the cloth pin.
Grip the mold and turn it over to remove the tape and piece of wax at the end.  
Untie the knot.
Hold the mold upside down for the candle to slide out, if it doesn't come right out, 
you can put it in the freezer for a minute or two and try again.  You may have to 
squeeze the mold a bit to loosen candle, then it should come out.  Cut the excess wick 
on the bottom end of the candle.

In order for the candle to stand straight, you will have to level it. There are a number 
of ways to level the candle so it stands up straight. One easy way is to heat an old 
frying pan or cookie sheet and slowly rub the base of the candle over the heated surface 
until the bottom is flat.  As a final step cut the top wick to a 1/4 inch until ready for use.
Enjoy your candle!

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