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DIY: Tufted Headboard

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 made by clicking my links. 

I have finally finished one of my DIY projects, and this one had been sitting
around my bedroom for months if not, dare I say, a year.  I am not going to
post detailed instructions because I got my directions from here.
Be sure to visit the site for detailed instructions, her headboard is gorgeous!

I have posted the basics on how I made my own.
I have to say that I did not drill holes on the headboard, nor did I sew my
fabric covered buttons on.  That is too much work, so I stapled each section 
and hot glued the buttons on.
It worked!!

I also did not really measure but eyeballed where I was going to staple each 
section. I know, I know, not smart, but even though it's not perfect, it's done and 
it's mine to enjoy.

I already had a headboard made of wood scrap from our garage, so we 
purchased a flat piece of wood to cover the front of the board.

I purchased two packs of the Dritz Craft Cover Button Kit - Size 30
it completely depends on the size of your headboard, you may need three.

I already had my fabric on hand, it was about 3 to 4 yards.  I have a 
queen size bed.

folded in half for cushion.  You may most certainly get a 
Psst!  Walmart carries this foam.

I also used matting that I had on hand.

already had one on hand a  Staple Gun Kit.

Then I went to work.  I covered about 30 buttons for this headboard. 
The kit explains how to cover them with fabric.

I opened the foam package and folded the foam over the headboard.  I noticed that the edges/ 
sides were left exposed.  So I cut a piece of the foam to cover each side as seen in the images. 
 I stapled the foam onto the headboard as seen above.  Then  I covered that with batting and 
stapled it in place.

I then placed the fabric over the batting.  I just draped it over  & made sure it covered 
all the sides well.  

Before I secured the fabric, I measured how far apart I wanted my buttons to be; below 
you will see that I folded seams to have an idea how far apart they should be
and I marked it with a white pencil.

When I was ready to secure the fabric at the top, I stapled it in the back to hold it in place.  
After the fabric was secured at the top, I began to staple the areas that the buttons would 
go on the first row.  In the areas that needed adjustments, I simply removed the staples 
with a staple remover and re-stapled my mark.  I continued stapling the 4 rows and finally 
the edges on the sides and bottom to hold the fabric in place.

When it was all secured and stapled in place, I added the buttons with hot glue, pressed 
it hard and held in place for about 15 seconds.  Then it was done, just like that.  I think 
the hardest part was making sure the rows were straight and the same distance apart. 

There you have it, my tufted headboard. 
Thank you for visiting and Happy Crafting!

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