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Blueberry & Blackberry Cobbler

blackberry cobbler

Summertime is here and it is the perfect time for sweet & easy recipes.  When I have guests, this is one of my favorite desserts to make.  Scoop it up and add whipped cream and garnish with fresh mint leaves and you're good to go.  

My dad and my sister were recently here visiting for a week and my sister loves desserts, so I just had to whip up some goodies along with sweet purchases.  This recipe is basically the same as the previous blackberry cobbler that I made, but I added blueberries to the mix.  For the ingredients, scroll to the end of the post.

Preheat oven 350 degrees.
Wash the berries and lay them on a paper towel to dry a bit.  Lightly grease an 8 inch baking dish.
Place the berries in the baking dish and sprinkle the berries with the lemon juice.
In a mixing bowl, stir in the egg, flour, & sugar until it resembles a course meal.
Sprinkle the mixture over the berries.
Drizzle melted butter over the mix.  Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes or until lightly brown and bubbly.  let stand for 10 minutes.

4 cups of fresh blackberries and blueberries
1 tablespoon of lemon juice
1 large egg
1 cup of sugar (if you like it extra sweet, add more sugar)
1 cup of all-purpose flour
7-8 tablespoons of butter
Whip cream (optional)
Garnish: fresh mint sprig
blueberry cobbler

Hope that you enjoy!

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Craftsy's Summer ALL Class Sale

(Disclaimer)* This post may contain affiliate links and I may be compensated if a purchase is made by clicking my links.

Hi friends, are you getting ready for summer?  I sure am, I have been painting, planting, gathering and working hard to prep my home backyard for summer, not because I wanted to, but because it needs to be done. I also want to work on some little projects in order to share them with you on the blog.  In the mean time, I want to share some great news with you about Craftsy.

The time is drawing near, to take time for yourself this summer and learn something new.  There are so many wonderful classes on Craftsy & for four days only, you can get any and all classes for 50% off, and that means sunny, inspired afternoons doing exactly what you love. Expires 6/13 @11:59pm MDT.  I wanted to be the first to let you know, so hurry on to the Craftsy website to sign up for any class you like.  They have practically everything from gardening, cooking, drawing, painting, photography and more.  Now is the time to head on over.  Happy Crafting!

DaySpring Easter Favorites

(Disclaimer)* This post may contain affiliate links and I may be compensated if a purchase is made by clicking my links. 
His Love Endures Forever - Wall Clock
Hey friends,  I am taking the time to share some of my favorite pieces from DaySpring.
I was updating my shop section on the blog and came across so many beautiful pieces,
which of course, make lovely gifts and look nice in my home . . . (hint, hint) to the hubs.
The clock is made of distressed wood & contains distinct copper numerals.  I love the
weathered and rustic feel.  I absolutely love this clock, it is simple and clean, perfect
for placing on the mantel.

Below you'll notice I placed two of these mason jar mugs on my list; aren't they cute?
These will make amazing little gifts for college students, friends, and neighbors.
He Will Cover You - Mason Jar Tumbler
This banner is great reminder of Easter.  I love how Sasha at Lemonade Makin Mama displays
hers in her kitchen.  She sets her Easter table, hangs her decor, and it all ties in with the
theme.  Just love it!
He Is Risen - Reversible Easter Banner
She Believed She Could So She Did - Mason Jar Tumbler
The rustic Easter Adorenaments is also a great reminder of what Easter is about.  
At LMM, Sasha used these to display on her beautiful Easter table.  You can hang 
these on your wall or use them during the Christmas season as well, so they have 
multiple purposes.
His Savior Names - Easter Adorenaments Set
I have been looking for a tray like this forever, even to the point of making my
own.  It has been difficult to find a tray like this, but here it is, available at DaySpring.
Map of the World - Wooden Tray
Finally, a couple of jewelry pieces.  There are plenty more lovely ones in the shop section
of this blog as well as in the DaySpring website.  The linked hearts are also available in
the gold color featured in the shop section.
Lisa Leonard - Silver Connected Hearts Necklace
Faith As a Mustard Seed - Pendant Necklace
I hope that you enjoyed looking at these simple pieces fro DaySpring.  Do you have any
favorites to share?

Celebrate Easter with Peeps

Happy St. Patrick's day y'all!  For today's post, I will be sharing some of our ideas for the coming Easter.  This Easter season we will be celebrating our festivities with Easter baskets filled with Peeps & Company goodies along with some reading books.

PEEPS & COMPANY® was sweet enough to send me several items and treats to share with you and others, such as PEEPS® earbuds, luggage tag, Orange Delight Flavored Marshmallow Dipped in Orange Fudge,  Marshmallow Bunnies, Decorated Eggs, Party Cake Flavored Marshmallow Chicks, Sour Watermelon Flavored Marshmallow Chicks, Chocolate Mousse Flavored Marshmallow Bunnies,  Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Chicks, Rainbow Pop, • MIKE AND IKE® Easter Treats,• MIKE AND IKE® Jellybeans & HOT TAMALES® Jellybeans.  Peeps & Company also has many other items that are not candy, they have beach balls, socks, luggage tags, pillows and so much more.

This year I used a light wooden basket along with the traditional easter baskets to add a little theme.  I chose a farm/ shabby theme, so I painted the wooden basket with white craft paint and decorated my basket with Easter stickers and a tiny banner.

I chose a few of my child's favorite items from Peeps & Company, placed them in a large plastic Easter egg, then I used jars to fill them with the Peeps jellybeans and covered them with a decorative lid featuring bunnies.

There are numerous ways to celebrate using Peeps & Company, one of my favorite ideas are decorative Peeps marshmallows used to decorate cakes for Spring festivities.

For your Peeps & Company Easter, be sure to check them out and order your peeps favorites for your Easter baskets.  Peeps & Company will give all Inspirations by D readers 20% off on your purchase when you use code: EASTERTREATS at checkout.

I hope that you have a wonderful and blessed Easter and let me know which Peep & Company items you choose to fill your baskets with.

(Disclaimer)* I received Peeps & Company products for review. All opinions are solely mine and I have not received any monies for my opinion.

Easy Shrimp and Vegetables

Easy Shrimp and Vegetables
It's no secret that we love vegetables in our home, but what a great and refreshing 
way to add flavor, color and texture to a dish by combining shrimp and vegetables. 
Did you know that by placing onions is the refrigerator you can avoid tearing up 
when chopping it?  Good to know for those of us that cook with lots of onions.
NOTE: For this recipe, you'll need to have your shrimp already cooked, so make 
sure you cook them before adding it to this dish.
In a pan add a tablespoon of olive oil,  add chopped garlic and cook until oil is hot.  
Add red onions, zucchini, and baby bella mushrooms.  Make sure your mushrooms 
are rinsed.  Add salt and pepper to taste. While they cook for a minute, bring a pot of 
water to a boil, add 1/2 tsp of salt to the water and add small potatoes.  I used 
a mixed bag of potatoes that contained, gold, red and blue/ purple small potatoes. 
Let it boil until tender.  Remove potatoes from heat and drain the water.  Set it aside.
After 2 minutes or so, add cooked shrimp to your vegetable mix.  Cook for another 
2 minutes make sure the vegetables are not overcooked but nice and tender.  
Then add your cooked potatoes to the  mix.  Blend and serve.  You may add a side 
of corn on the cob and/ or avocado.
1 Tablespoon Olive Oil
2 Cloves of Garlic.
1/2 Red onion
1 Zucchini
3 cups Baby Bella Mushrooms
1 Bag of Cooked Shrimp
1 Bag of Small Potato Mix
Salt & Pepper
I hope that you enjoy this tasty meal, it's easy and fast.  
If you don't like mushrooms or other veggies, just replace them 
with your favorite veggies. 
What I love about this, is that you can even put them on a stick and grill them, 
they make great kabobs too.
Happy Cooking!

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