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Natural Bridge

The Natural Bridge
I have been out and about and just want to share some of the places I visited during these
travels.  Unfortunately, I did not carry my camera with me, but I used my phone to photograph
what I saw, so the quality may not be it's best.

Let me begin with this amazing Natural Bridge. As we drove up north, we decided to
make a stop and take a nature walk with our son.  My boys love the outdoors and enjoy
exploring new things.

When we walked down the path, we never imagined the Natural Bridge to be as enormous as it is.
It is quite a sight!  Story mentions that our first president, George Washington, actually carved
his initials on this bridge.
20150606_11153120150606_11285120150606_1215152015-06-06 12.59.2620150606_122116
I didn't post all the creatures we met along the way, but here is one of my son's favorites,
the short millipede and one of my least favorites, snakes.  The snakes are said to be harmless,
I was inches away from this one, I noticed it before placing my arm on that rock, yikes!!
Did I scream?  You bet!  My son loved this adventure.  It was like a scientist or explorer
out on a mission to discover all that nature offers.

If you have kids that love a good nature walk and that love to explore creatures of all sorts,
this is a stop that must be made.  There is so much more to explore in the area including caverns.
Here is a link if you want to learn more about Virginia's Natural Bridge.

See you on the next stop.
I hope that you are enjoying your summer, what have you been up to these past days?

Opportunity to Earn Money with "Cricut"

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It doesn't hurt to make a little money off your blog from time to time so join today!

*This post contains affiliate links and may be compensated if a purchase is made after clicking it, thank you for your support.

Easy Strawberry Donut Cake

So it’s after dinner and you forgot to make or buy a sweet dessert for your friends or loved ones, or you just want a late sweet snack, no problem.

A quick and easy way to satisfy the sweet tooth is by having a package of fresh, ready made donuts available, fresh strawberries, whipped cream and it’s optional to have some strawberry glaze…this adds extra flavor and sweetness to this dessert.  This is so easy. that your little ones can do it. 

Grab your favorite donuts and either cut it in half or leave it as is, then layer the strawberries in the center hole, on top, and sides of donuts.  If you have glaze, go ahead and sprinkle glaze over your strawberry donuts.  Lastly, cover with whipped cream.  For those who really want sweetness…a little side of ice cream wouldn't hurt…oh yeah!  DSC_1919DSC_1916DSC_1926DSC_1922DSC_1932

If you do not have donuts on hand, perhaps fried biscuits like the ones made here, and then the above can work too! 
I hope that you enjoy!!!

Sharing Creative Inspirations

*This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking through my links.

Over the past few weeks I've been sharing how and why Blurb is such an incredible source for
telling your story—whether it includes photos, words, or both. I realize that not everyone has the
desire to write a novel or sell a book of their photos. Some people just want to commemorate a 
trip, an event, your own blog, or a special occasion. Others may want to visually capture a 
business concept or life experience. Whatever the inclination, Blurb makes it easy and affordable 
to realize it. 

Chances are you already have an idea for the kind of book you want to create. But in case you 
need a little inspiration, here are a few ways people have used Blurb to create their own creative 
and useful books: 

A beautiful, custom-made book is one of the most thoughtful, meaningful gifts you can give. 
With Father’s Day, graduation, and wedding season just around the corner, this type of book 
can make the perfect gift that keeps on giving. And with Blurb’s cutting-edge book-making 
tools, you can add photos, words, stories, drawings—anything you want—and make 
something that’s truly one-of-a-kind. Ideas include: a favorite recipes book, a baby’s first 
year book, a book of poems, a senior year book, etc. 

You have a story to tell. Okay, so you may not have hiked across the Sahara or been on 
Broadway, but that doesn't mean that you haven’t impacted lives or had interesting life 
experiences. And it certainly doesn't mean that you don’t have valuable insights to 
impart. Even if you have no interest in sharing your memoir with anyone, the process of 
reflecting on your life and writing down some of your thoughts and experiences can be 
incredibly eye-opening and cathartic.  In my experience creating my own book with Blurb, 
I've captured simple everyday memories that I can look back to.

Pet Books
What better way to showcase your best friend than with their very own book. It could be 
something as simple as pictures and quips of trips to the park, naps on the couch, playing 
with a favorite toy, or basking in the sun, to a more in-depth life story book about your pet. 
These can be shared as gifts, sold to fellow pet-lovers, or just kept for your own personal 

Non-Profit Fundraising Books
With Blurb, non-profits can share their story with compelling words and images and 
then sell them via Blurb’s Sell & Distribute option to fundraise for their organization. 
For example, Gerrit Greve’s Hearts for Healing book showcases how kids interpret a 
giving heart through art. It also chronicles how Greve’s students gained new confidence 
in themselves and their abilities knowing that their art could make a difference in someone’s 
life and health. This beautiful book is an example of how Blurb’s platforms can be used to 
support a cause that’s important to you. 

These are just a few ways that you can use Blurb to share your story or promote a purpose, 
but know that there are many, many others. Get creative! Honestly, the most important part 
is just clicking on the “Get Started” link on As you start the process of creating 
your own book, you’ll be surprised at how quickly the creativity floodgates open!  

And when it does and you've created your own book, be sure to tell me about it—if you’re 
okay with me doing so, I’d love to promote it to other readers. Who knows? You may inspire
someone else to create a book of their own! 

Just In!
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DIY: Vintage Print Eyewear Case

sunglasses pouch
For some time now, I have wanted to make this little case for my glasses.  I was inspired by A Beautiful Mess’s Cotton + Leather Clutch DIY.  I thought that was brilliant idea, but like any crafter, I wanted to re-create it to meet my need, so I left out the leather part and simply used the fabric I had on hand.  I also did not want an exact replica, so I opt to make my image look like an old tee shirt print and it worked!

For this nifty little project I used:

- 2 cotton fabric pieces 6 x 8  inches

- 2 printed fabric pieces 6 x 8 inches for the inside
- zipper shortest length available
- ruler
- scissors
- 1 adhesive felt sheet (white) 4 x 6 inch
- transfer paper
- sewing machine or Liquid Stitch/ Heat Bond
- iron
Inspirations by D

1. Select the image you want to use for this project, then print a 4 x 6 inch size to your transfer paper, use your product instructions.  Cut your image as seen in #2 below leaving 1/4 inch space on all sides. 
2. Iron your image to your cotton fabric sheet.
3. Sew the back, plain fabric to the front fabric.
4. Place the felt piece to the back part of your photo piece fabric.

5. Continue to sew the other two sides leaving the top open.
6. When felt is on the fabric, you may flip the case inside out so the felt is now inside of the pouch.

Now this is the hard part. To get this right, you may want to watch this video, I found it more helpful than the others and wish I would have discovered it before.  It would have saved some time. Anyway, I didn't have regular pins, so I used the safety ones. Here you will attach your zipper. Watch the video to know how to attach the zipper, trust me it's better.
sunglasses case
sunglasses case

And there you have it.  Amateur vintage style case. 
Hope that you enjoy and Happy Crafting!

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