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Labor Day Weekend

Here is my collection of random musings to help make interesting the mundane.

1- Happy Labor Day everyone!  I am so thankful this weekend because I have been able to have my family united under the same roof for three days.  Yippee!!  My little boy couldn't be happier and quite frankly I am up there in joy land with him.  We look forward to the weekends, just so that we can spend that time together as a family.  Hopefully the long distance thing won't last for long, with God's divine assistance, we can finally be together by the end of the month.

2- This wonderful and blessed weekend, my Savior let me know that things were going to be okay, "Trust in him" is what I kept feeling in my heart, "Trust in him" and not on the things of this world, because nothing in this world is certain, but he is certainty.   Oh how wonderful.  Now I leave you with my loving husband.

3- Isn't she sweet?!  As my wife has stated, I too am very happy for the long weekend and that by the end of the month we will be together again and not just on the weekends.

4- Labor Day!  Since it's called that, why are we off?  It should be the only day we do work in the entire year. :)  Hey, We'll take a day off even if they call it "pick your nose" day right?  

5-  Right now, I have my little tornado making play-doh characters of little R2-D2's from Star Wars, but not just any Star Wars. "THE ORIGINAL STAR WARS" from the late 70's early 80's.  He loves it and I love that he does.  I have to teach him "the way" if you get my drift. ;) We are watching part one of the original movie now.

6-  Speaking of things of the past, I've recently noticed the fashion trends coming back around full circle.  Just yesterday we saw some teenagers with a pair of Shell Top Adidas with the fat laces untied.  I used to wear those in Junior HS and I'm thirty-blah-blah years old.  Hey, I still rock the original canvas Converse Chuck Taylor high tops from time to time.  
7-  Growing up in NYC, we saw a lot of fashion trends come and go.  Now they have come back again and I can't help but to smile and accept the changes like our parents have done.   

8-  My little padawan just finished his army of R2 droids and a remote control, I guess to control them.  I hope everyone has enjoyed their Labor Day weekend.  Please be safe and God Bless!

Mr. M


  1. Sounds like you are having a great holiday! Enjoy!

  2. How wonderful that you will get to be together all the time so soon. And how wonderful to have that message of peace.

    We start our Mon-Fri apart next Monday and our house goes up for sale this week. I'm hoping it won't take too long to sell and buy but am sure that the Lord's timing is best and not our own.

    I love those dough droids. Must show them to my boys.

    I confess, as a Scot, I have nooo idea what Labor day is for! Hope you enjoy it anyway xx

  3. Love this post!!! And it is so true about fashion. My daughter wants a pair of those Converse and looked at me doubtfully when I told her we wore those as teenagers! Ha! The other thing I noticed was skirts that are denim on top and gauze on the bottom!

  4. We are totally getting a pair of black Chuck Taylors for our new baby when he gets a little older! I think they start at size 5 ...

    Watching The Empire Strikes Back right now ...

  5. It sounds like you all had an awesome weekend together. Love the artwork! Have a great week!

  6. Haha, I'm with you on the Labor Day thing! :P

    I'm your newest follower from the SITS Girls community! (:

  7. Following from the BlogFrog convo!

    Hope you'll come visit me @ The Suburban Princess Diaries

  8. OMG I love your blog! You have so many great ideas! I look forward to receiving your emails.
    Following from SITS, also grabbed your button.


  9. Sounds like a great holiday! I still rock the chucks too. Some things are just classic!


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